Getting Your Groove Back....On a Budget

My mojo wandered off into the bush and got lost somewhere last year, and not having the ready cash to whiz off to Jamaica like Stella did when her "groove" was in need of a tune-up, I figured that a low budget make-over of my workspace would at least rekindle the creative juices, ready for 2009.

I've never been a fan of the mainstream type of retail therapy (read 'I hate buying new stuff') so I did what I always do - I called in the big guns, the girls.

Result: I'm sitting here this afternoon, feeling very proud of the start of my new 'Joey-room' makeover, (pics below) and thought I should spread the lurrrrve and give some high-fives (because we never achieve the fun stuff alone)

So, in the words of those credit card ads, here's the true cost of my new attitude - pics from the weekend...

Inspiration for cherry-blossom wall - free (thanks to a scene from Sex and the City); 2 sample pots of paint - $15; 1 bottle of red wine -free (Xmas pressie, thanks George)

1 piece of white chalk - free

'new' desk - $6.05 from ebay; 'girlie' iron chair - $5 from Vinnies + 'girlie' lace doiley $1 from Vinnies; plants from garden - free; wicker stool second-hand from sister - free (I hope :) significantly more red wine to accomplish moving and sorting - free, more Christmas pressies :)

... time spent with people I love (and laid-back attitude of site manager) - priceless.

OK, in reality the 'bits' totalled $27.05, but if I'd had to pay for the wine to sweeten the labour deal, I would have easily tripled this - plus I bought 2 new curtains from IKEA, which bugged me, but I wasn't about to spend any more of my prime years loitering about second-hand shops, waiting for 'the' perfect ones to turn up.

It's just the first corner of the room and I still have to finish the blossom wall and build a workbench and shelves (anyone got some offcuts of pine and 7mm ply??) but it's myyyyy little room, and that is priceless, so big hugs and THANKYOUS to .....

Kali, for realising I needed to get my groove back, way before I did and suggesting I convert my sleepout into a creative space/‘power room’

Wendy, for the ‘angel with attitude’ Christmas pressie (who needed to have her own room, obviously!)

Lia (my faithful project partner) for the Brett Whitely inspiration and for being a demon with a piece of chalk

Kree for pushing me to get every piece of paperwork in my house, sorted and/or thrown out yesterday (and for being the one person I can rely on to move ridiculously heavy objects through sheer Taurean stubbornness and impatience – always better than waiting for someone else to help, I find!)

The boys: Ian for his patience, and acceptance of never being allowed to exercise his own taste in decorating, plus his dexterity with cables and stuff, and Noodle for invaluable site management and OH&S skills (see above).

Mum, there’s still a beautiful bed for when you visit (it’s just not where it used to be!) and Miss-Nettie, we’re almost ready to have that crafty board-meeting so sharpen your crayon, luv!

More work to follow, but mojo on path to recovery, thankyou umpires, thankyou ballboys ....
"The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with."
Marty Feldman